The Archies Get The Band Back Together For New Ongoing Series

MTV News can exclusively reveal The Archies are going on tour — and meeting some real bands along the way

Earlier this year, Archie Comics explored the birth of its seminal rock band, The Archies, with a heartwarming one-shot from Alex Segura and Matt Rosenberg, with art by Joe Eisma. The story followed Archie Andrews on his occasionally tumultuous quest to make his rock and roll dreams a reality with a little help from his friends (and bandmates) Jughead, Betty, Veronica, and Reggie.

Now, MTV News can exclusively reveal that Archie Comics is getting the band back together for a new ongoing series this October. The Archies #1, on shelves October 4, will pick up where the one-shot left off: after the band's first gig together. So what's next for teenage rockers The Archies? They're hitting the road for a tour!

"We're taking The Archies out of Riverdale and sending them on tour across the country to experience everything a touring band goes through," Rosenberg wrote in a statement provided to MTV News. "So whether you grew up with Archie or you've never read a comic, here's a great chance to hop in the van with these five old friends and experience something totally new."

Archie Comics / Art by Joe Eisma


The Archies #1 cover art by Joe Eisma.

But has Archie learned to not take his friends for granted, or will the overnight fame start to get to his head? And when someone makes a decision that leaves the rest of the band scrambling, can The Archies keep it together? The new ongoing series will continue to follow the ups and downs that come with forming a band with friends. Only this time, Archie and the Riverdale gang will get to meet a few of their heroes along the way.

MTV News can also reveal that the rock-and-roll series will feature guest appearances from real bands that will appear in future issues. And Archie Comics wants to hear from you on which bands you want to see included. (In a perfect world, Betty and Veronica would become the fourth and fifth Haim sisters.)

"Adding real bands in the mix gives the series a must-read twist and opens the door for Matt, Joe and I to get our favorite bands into Riverdale," Segura wrote. "We're all stoked to be working on this, and it shows in the pages."

"I'm so excited to chronicle the further adventures of The Archies!" Eisma added. "What Alex and Matt have cooked up pretty much defines the ultimate comic for me. I can't wait for readers to see the great stuff we have in store!"

Check out these exclusive variant covers for The Archies #1 from Matthew Dow Smith, Sandy Jarrell with Kelly Fitzpatrick, and Thomas Pitilli below:

Archie Comics / Sandy Jarrell


The Archies #1 variant cover art by Sandy Jarrell with Kelly Fitzpatrick.

Archie Comics / Art by Matthew Dow Smith


The Archies #1 variant cover art by Matthew Dow Smith.

Archie Comics / Art by Thomas Pitilli


The Archies #1 variant cover art by Thomas Pitilli.

The Archies #1 hits shelves October 4.

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