Chrissy Teigen's Mysterious Airplane Tweets Are The Wildest Stories You'll Read All Day

So. Many. Questions.

Not even celebrities can escape the torture of traveling during the holidays. On Tuesday evening (December 26), Chrissy Teigen and John Legend — probably still giddy from celebrating Christmas with baby Luna — boarded a plane from Los Angeles to Tokyo. Eight hours later, their flight returned to Los Angeles, sending them back to square one. Why?!

"This person is so lucky that we will all have to deplane. Imagine having to walk off alone. The shame!" Teigen joked. She made the best of an unfortunate situation by live-tweeting the rest of the night. Spoiler: Things get even more weird.

When the "flight to nowhere" touched back down in LAX, the saga continued. Turns out, this mystery person's simple mistake may not have been a mistake at all. (Please imagine the Law and Order dun-dun sound playing at this moment.)

"No one will spill anything :( I wish I had more for you guys. I wish I could be your snowden," Teigen wrote.

Back in the airport lounge, she distracted herself from this spectacle by watching The Real Housewives and eating ramen — proving she is, at heart, a college student procrastinating studying for finals.

Oh, and Snapchat was there to support them through this trying time, too.

The good news is, we finally have an answer to this mystery. The passenger in question reportedly boarded the wrong plane due to a "mix up" at the airport. Teigen and Legend are now on a second flight to their destination, though their new plane isn't perfect, either. It has a penchant for playing Star Wars music. Behold:

May the force be with them on this long journey.