Where Did Beyoncé Get Her Met Gala Dress Inspiration? 50 Cent Might Know

Did 'Coming To America' have anything to do with it?

We all know Beyoncé the Met Gala this year, but where did she get the inspiration for that gorgeous Givenchy dress?

On Tuesday (May 5), 50 Cent posted an image of what might be a possible answer on Instagram, pointing to a scene from the classic 1988 Eddie Murphy film “Coming To America.”

"I ain't gonna front,” 50 said in the caption. “They look good as a motherfu--er. Lol.”

The side-by-side comparison with actress Vanessa Bell has been circulating on the net since Beyoncé hit the red carpet Monday (May 4). Even Bell took notice. "What an honor to be photo framed next to my fav singer Beyoncé,” she said on Instagram Monday. "That was 27 years ago for me and she's now!”

We can't be sure where Beyoncè and Givenchy got their inspiration for the dress, but we can all agree that Bey simply looked amazing from all angles. And she shared photos of the outfit to let us know how flawless it was.

There Was The Front View

The Rear View

The Red Carpet Pose

And The Jewelry Was On Point, Too

Yep, Flawless