Eminem Blasts 'Revival' Haters On New Remix With 2 Chainz

'You just called my shit trash, thank God, I rap better when the odds are stacked'

Despite becoming Eminem’s eighth consecutive No. 1 album, Revival didn’t fare too hot in the critical sphere, earning several disparaging reviews. That lukewarm reception apparently made Em mad as hell, because he’s back with a remix of Revival track “Chloraseptic” that takes aim at his haters.

In addition to new bars from Phresher — who was relegated to the original song’s hook — the remix boasts a verse from 2 Chainz; likely the same one that was cut from the album. As explosive as that long-promised verse is, the main attraction here is Slim. “Not as raw as I was / ‘Walk on Water’ sucked? / Bitch, suck my dick,” he furiously raps in reference to the album's Beyoncé-featuring lead single.

Later, Eminem suggests the criticism about Revival’s pop guests actually isn’t making him mad at all: “You just called my shit trash, thank God, I rap better when the odds are stacked / ‘Revival’s wack, I don’t like the ‘Zombie’ track / And when he’s talking that garbage, like how to crap / Where’s your content at, what’s with all the conscious rap? / Pink, Beyoncé, this, and Kehlani that’ / I just added to the fuel in my rocket pack.”

Sure, slapping back at criticism isn’t going to change anything for Eminem. But if he's riled up enough to record new music about it, then maybe we'll be hearing even more fiery remixes and rebuttals soon.

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