Can We All Ship 'Fuller House’'s Steve And Matt Instead Of DJ?

Sorry, Deej

Fuller House's highly-anticipated second season dropped last Friday (December 9) and it was just as cute and funny — if not arguably more so — than its first.

A major theme this season, like its predecessor, involved a love triangle between DJ (Candace Cameron Bure), her ex-boyfriend Steve Hale (Scott Weinger), and new beau Matt Harmon (John Brotherton). As promised by showrunner Jeff Franklin, we were treated to lots more Team Steve vs. Team Matt moments. And though DJ finally picked a side — even if it was kind of decided for her — the battle ended and (spoiler!) Matt was crowned the “victor.”


Fuller House

Personally, I'm not one for love triangles (they're so overused on television). And yet, I didn't mind this love triangle too much, mainly because it helped me forget about DJ (sorry, Deej) and start shipping the crap out of Steve and Matt. And I'm definitely not the only one.

It all starts when the guys enter the Tanner house together on Episode 1, cracking jokes and acting like total bros. There's even a line about them being a potential couple — they shut it down, but Steve says that if he “were so inclined, this big daddy would be a home run.”

Fast forward to the Thanksgiving episode, and DJ and Matt are officially a thing. Steve, meanwhile, brings his totally-not-DJ girlfriend, CJ (Virginia Williams). To stop his boo thang from complaining, Matt kisses DJ just as Steve and CJ walk into the room. We all know Steve was secretly upset Matt was with DJ, and not him. Just check out this reaction!


Fuller House

But perhaps the faux couple's biggest moment together this season was on the New Kids on the Block episode. When Matt's tennis racket birthday gift doesn't wow DJ like Steve's (creepy) Pillow Person does, Steve pulls some strings and nabs three front-row tickets to the New Kids on the Block concert. He gives all the credit to Matt because he wants to help out his bud. Matt thanks his bro and they hug it out for an awkwardly long time, with Matt simultaneously patting Steve's head.

While there were definitely some heartwarming moments DJ shared solo with both her guys — the high school reunion dance with Steve, and taking care of a sick household with Matt — it's high time we just let Steve and Matt be together. DJ can be with Joey McIntyre from New Kids on the Block, since she did get super handsy with him.

If I'm being perfectly honest, DJ doesn't deserve Steve OR Matt. She made them both wait around for her during Season 1, then got upset when they took her advice and found girlfriends at the beginning of Season 2. Deej, I love you, but you did this to yourself, girl. If you're not careful, Season 3 will find Matt and Steve leaving everyone for each other — and we're all for it.

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