There Was An 'Even Stevens' Reunion That Was All Kinds Of Adorbs

This'll make you smile more than Shia LaBeouf did watching 'The Even Stevens Movie.'

Bringing your man home to your dad can sometimes be intimidating, but what about introducing him to your TV dad? On Sunday, Jan. 3, Christy Carlson Romano's husband Brendan Rooney met his wife's (TV) father, Tom Virtue. Romano and Virtue played daughter and father for several years on Disney Channel's dysfunctional family comedy "Even Stevens."

Needless to say, the meeting was long overdue. Romano and Rooney had a gorgeous fairytale wedding in Canada on Dec. 31, 2013. Almost exactly two years from when they tied the knot, Rooney finally met his TV father-in-law, and there was approval all around.

Taking to Instagram, Romano uploaded a cute pic of the trio looking happy as ever. "FINALLY introduced my TV dad to my hubby. He approved!" she captioned.

Some of the cast previously reunited way back in 2009, which Lauren Frost (Ruby) wrote about on her personal blog. A plethora of cast and crew members attended the party, thrown by Romano and Nick Spano (Donnie Stevens). A.J. Trauth (Twitty) and George Anthony Bell (Principal Wexler) were also in attendance.

If you want to fall into an even deeper pit of nostalgia feels, check out Frost's pics from the event. Before you know it, you'll be humming "We Went to the Moon in 1969" and the tune will be stuck in your head all day.

Then this past October, Romano did a Q&A on Facebook, answering fans' burning questions about all things "ES" and "Kim Possible." When asked about doing an "ES" reboot, she gave the answer fans have been waiting to hear since 2003.

"Of course I would!!! Do you think Shia would do it? Recently I spoke with the guys at 'Robot Chicken' via social media — and they laughed at the idea of doing it in claymation. That kind of mirrors our opening sequence anyways...," the actress admitted.

Now that her TV dad's been properly introduced to her hubby, it seems only fitting her TV mom (Donna Pescow) and brothers get to meet him, too (assuming there wasn't some secret Stevens family reunion in the past). Let's make that and the "Robot Chicken" idea happen in 2016!


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