Meet Ian McShane’s Wily Mr. Wednesday In This Exclusive 'American Gods' Clip

Watch Shadow Moon and Mr. Wednesday’s first encounter

With the premiere of American Gods just a little more than a week away, we think it's time you officially met Ian McShane's wily Mr. Wednesday.

In this clip from the series premiere of Bryan Fuller and Michael Green's American Gods, exclusively on MTV News, Shadow Moon (Ricky Whittle) meets a con artist who goes by the name Mr. Wednesday.

Shadow is on his way to his wife's funeral after being released from a three-year prison sentence when he encounters the enigmatic Mr. Wednesday on an airplane. Watch McShane in all of his sharp-tongued glory in the exclusive clip below:

Fans of Neil Gaiman's beloved novel know that Shadow eventually agrees to be Mr. Wednesday's bodyguard after an eventful night of drinking. Of course, in truth Wednesday is an Old God who is traveling across North America to recruit forgotten deities to aid him in an epic battle against the nation's New Gods — otherwise known as manifestations of technology, media, and credit cards. But that's for another time. For now, just enjoy McShane at his finest.

American Gods premieres on Sunday, April 30 on Starz.