Watch Nicholas Hoult Marvel At His Own Face On A Twinkies Box

He's on the front and top!

With Reporting By Josh Horowitz

Nicholas Hoult has acted alongside some of the biggest names in Hollywood and is dating Jennifer Lawrence. But the actor, who plays Beast in "X-Men: Days of Future Past," was surprisingly starstruck when he found out that he was on the cover of a Twinkies box.

"I'm on a Twinkies box!" Hoult said, looking at the box in some kind of awe. "I'm big time."

You can work with Patrick Stewart and Hugh Jackman, but once you're on an X-Men Twinkies box for a movie tie-in, you know you've made it. So what's Hoult going to do with himself now that he's a big-time Twinkies celebrity?

"Well, I don't have to be doing this interview anymore," Hoult joked, as he began to walk away from our own Josh Horowitz.

But there was more to see, as Hoult discovered he was on the top of the box as well! And that's not even mentioning the fact that the Twinkies' blue raspberry filling is clearly inspired by Beast's blue fur.

All the Twinkie talk was getting Hoult hungry, and with the Twinkies right there...

"I'll have that as a snack for later," Hoult said, though his tune changed a little when Josh gave him one of the delectable treats.

"Were you saving that for later?" Hoult asked. "It's so warm."

You know what's warmer than the slightly squished snack? Nicholas Hoult's heart. Now that he knows he's on a Twinkies box, he knows he's finally arrived in Hollywood. We're glad we did our part in changing his life.

"X-Men: Days of Future Past" is in theaters May 23.

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