The First 7 Minutes Of 'Scream'’s Season 2 Premiere Is Here: Watch It Now

There's blood and there's gore, and we think that's fitting for Friday the 13th

Friday the 13th just got a little creepier.

MTV unveiled the first seven minutes of Scream's long-awaited Season 2 premiere today, and the faint-hearted should take note: Blood is spilled within the first 90 seconds. Then more blood is spilled. Then, for good measure, a little more. And it all begins with a special guest appearance by a Vine superstar.

In the clip, above, Lele Pons comes face-to-face with a killer -- and follows in the first-scene cameo tradition of last season's Bella Thorne and the inaugural Scream flick's Drew Barrymore. And you know what that means.

But Lele isn't the only one having a really bad day: Before long, that two-faced Audrey, who's now working at a movie theater, gets a taunting message from an "unknown" texter. When she asks who's behind the ominous missive, she gets a two-word reply: "Your conscience."

And considering we aaaaaall know what Audrey did last summer, we have one word for her: PWNED.

At the very least, Ms. Jensen's night gets a little better when her shift ends and she locks up the theater: A pretty moviegoer who apparently missed last call asks to take a selfie with her, and Audrey -- now a cult hero for helping to kill off Piper -- obliges. But oh wait, who's that hooded figure walking by in the background just as the photo is snapped? And where did Audrey's keys go? And um, who just turned out all the lights?

Probably the person wearing a Brandon James mask and brandishing a knife. Yes, really.

Does Audrey meet the same fate as last season's Tyler, Nina, Rachel, Riley, Will, and -- oh hell, there are too many to list. Or will our all-time favorite brainiac Noah -- who soon arrives at the theater -- be able to save her? Watch the clip, tell us what you think of it, and be ready for a whole new season of gore when Scream returns on Monday, May 30 at 11/10c!

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