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David Bowie Track Cut From "Rugrats" Movie

Through a cruel twist of editing, David Bowie's "Sky Life" will not turn up in the upcoming animated "Rugrats" big screen debut.

The track, which Bowie worked on with guitarist Reeves Gabrels and producer Tony Visconti, was cut from the film after a bit of re-editing, prompting the film's musical coordinator, Karyn Rachtman, to say, "I have always wanted to work with David Bowie and I finally had my chance. He delivered a song far beyond my wildest dreams, and now I can't even use it. The song is beautiful."

As we first reported last month (see [article id="1425530"]"David Bowie Sees 'Skylife' For 'Rugrats' Soundtrack, Covers Lennon For Tribute"[/article]), the track reunited Bowie and Visconti, the team behind such classic Bowie recordings as "Space Oddity," "Low," and "Scary Monsters."

The song now, once again, belongs to Bowie and Gabrels, though the future of the track is undetermined.

"Unfortunately, it really doesn't fit in with what I'm doing

at the moment," Bowie said of the track in a written statement. "A shame really, as it was quite sweet for what it was."