Kendrick Lamar's New Profile Pic Has Fans Speculating About A New Album

He and Schoolboy Q could be plotting something...

It is a truth universally known that when a famous artist abruptly blacks out their social media profiles, it (possibly) means something's brewing. We've seen it before with the likes of Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus, and now the latest rumors revolve around Kendrick Lamar.

As noted by the fan account @DailyRapFacts, the Compton MC has blacked out his profile picture and header on Twitter. The last time he did that was in March 2017, just before kicking off the DAMN. era with the loosie "The Heart, Pt. 4." You can see where this is going: fans are now speculating that a new Kendrick project is imminent.

Making things more interesting, Kendrick's TDE comrade Schoolboy Q hinted that he has some kind of a surprise coming on Wednesday (March 13), and he's updated his own profile pic with a plain yellow shade. As another fan account noted, one of the first songs Kendrick and Q collaborated on was called "Birds & The Beez," leading some fans to theorize that the two have a joint album on the way.

Of course, all of this is just wild speculation, and Kendrick's profile revamp could just be his way of showing support for TDE's other projects. That's a strategy we've seen from the label time and time again — even now, SZA, Jay Rock, and Ab-Soul are among the TDE signees who have changed their pics to the cover of Zacari's debut project, which is due out on March 15. But, given that Kendrick and Schoolboy are the only two not flying the Zacari flag online, there just might be something to the rumor that Zacari isn't the only TDE artist dropping new music soon. Stay tuned...

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