Daniel Radcliffe Addresses Gay Rumors

'Harry Potter' star talks about Trevor Project, a LGBTQ suicide prevention organization.

Through his work with the [article id="1632811"]Trevor Project[/article], a nonprofit organization that offers suicide prevention services to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender youth, Daniel Radcliffe has spoken passionately about the importance of helping these at-risk kids and removing the stigma of coming out.

In his own life, too, the "Harry Potter" star has been open in addressing persistent rumors that he is gay. When MTV News had a chance to chat with Radcliffe during a shoot for a Trevor Project public-service announcement, the 20-year-old actor didn't shy away from talking about the longstanding gossip.

"If people want to say that, they can," he said. "But I'm not. I'm straight."

But he does get a bit of a kick out of reading about why other people think he's not straight. "My favorite thing I saw was a guy on the Internet that said, 'Of course he's gay. He's got a gay face,' which I thought was kind of an odd thing to say anyway," Radcliffe laughed. "A 'gay face'? That's a very worrying thing, like they have sat at home and have got pictures of me next to other famous, gay [people] -- Elton John, I don't know -- just comparing across the years. I'm not sure. It's very, very odd."

Even if Radcliffe were gay, though, he doesn't think his status as the world's most famous boy wizard would have prevented him from being open about his sexuality.

"I don't think my position would have stopped me if I was gay," he said. "I know that some actors actually don't like to. I kind of can understand that to a certain extent because sometimes you do see actors get typecast after they come out, which is unfortunate. But a lot of the time that doesn't happen. It's personal preference. Coming out is such an important moment in a gay man's life that I would never want to actually comment on whether or not anyone should or should not."

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