Nelly Tells Chingy To Calm Down And Pay Him More Respect

Beef stems from lyrics on Sweat track 'Another One.'

A few weeks back, Chingy said he was offended by comments Nelly made on his Sweat song "Another One," and now Nelly has some advice for Chingy: Don't be hurt, just take the lyrics as a word to the wise and show some respect.

"I like the way you do that right thurr/ Just remember when you do that right thurr/ I made it tight to be country/ They thought country was bummy/ Till country start making money," Nelly raps on the track.

"I wasn't going at him. If you listen to the song, it says, 'I like the way you do that right thurr.' I could have said, 'F--- the way you do that right thurr!' It ain't even like that," Nelly said on Friday in Los Angeles (see [article id="1493328"]"Mixtape Monday: Chingy Gets Mad At Nelly, Diddy Gets Mad At Haters"[/article]). "I'm not trying to be in it with duke like that. I just feel I paid so much respect to other people that allowed me to come do what I do, I just feel people should pay the same respect [to me] when they do what they do. Don't act like your getting on didn't have nothing to do with everything [myself and the St. Lunatics] have been able to accomplish. I took you on tour with me before."

Funnily enough, Nelly said, in spite of their back and forth, Chingy recently contacted him about hitting the road together. It doesn't look too likely.

"To hear some of the things he's saying, like that he's been doing this just as long as me and I just got my break first and all this and all that," Nelly lamented, referring to Chingy's remarks in the December issue of XXL, "I'm like, 'Listen, it ain't even this type of issue. Don't say things like that.' He don't even realize how his words can get blown outta context. There's people who want to see us get into it.

"You've got to watch what you're saying, unless you mean what you're saying, then that's cool too," he added. "But don't do all that and then turn around and say you wanna go on tour with me. Don't do all that. Don't go that route. Be serious with whatever you're doing. I don't know where it is with him."

As for who Nelly actually will take on tour with him, that's still up in the air. The St. Lunatics are a lock, but besides them he's waiting to see. There have been talks with plenty of his peers, Lil Jon and T.I. among them, but nothing is definite. Nelly doesn't even know what type of venues he'll be hitting up. The big question is, does he go with his heart or with his wallet?

"I like the smaller venues for some reason," he said. "The 3,000-, 2,500-seaters where the people are right there and the music sounds louder and it feels like mutha----as is right there on top of you. Those are the ones I like better than the big joints. I know there's a lot of sponsors out there saying, 'No, no, no!' And probably a lot of the people around me, 'cause the money ain't as big, but it ain't even about that for me."

Life on the road, or at least heading out on the road, is the plot for Nelly's new video with Tim McGraw, "Over and Over." Recently wrapped, Nelly's part was shot in St. Louis, while McGraw filmed his scenes in Nashville. Each of the performers goes through his own personal hell while waiting for his love to holla back.

"I finished that joint up, we split-screened it with him on one side and me on the other side," Nelly explained. "He's in his element, I'm in my element. We're showing how everything still happens the same. It's a regular day, us waking up, we're waiting on a phone call we never seem to get. From the start of the day from when we wake up, we both gotta take these flights. We wanna squash this thing before we get on the flight. We never get the calls we was looking for and before you know it, pimp, we're gone."

Despite his work with McGraw, Nelly said his favorite country record of all time is "The Gambler" by Kenny Rogers. Fittingly, one of the biggest gambles of Nelly's career -- putting out two albums, Sweat and Suit, on the same day -- is continuing to pay off with sales and now a Grammy nomination (see [article id="1494569"]"Kanye Scores 10 Grammy Nominations; Usher And Alicia Keys Land Eight"[/article]).

"I didn't know, but I figured that Suit probably would be [the bigger seller] because it would probably be an album that appealed to fans that listened to more than rap and hip-hop," the master of country grammar said. And as he predicted, that is indeed the case (see [article id="1494614"]"Jay-Z's Retirement Gets Even Richer As Collision Course Debuts At #1 "[/article]).

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