Beastie Boys Say 'Paul's Boutique' Will 'Finally Be Correct' On Reissue

Group is mum on release date for next album, denies M.I.A. collabo rumors.

Don't expect a [artist id="968"]Beastie Boys[/artist]/ [artist id="1803648"]M.I.A.[/artist] reunion anytime soon.

Adam "Ad-Rock" Horovitz and Mike "Mike D" Diamond made cameos in the video for M.I.A.'s Grammy-nominated song "Paper Planes," but Ad-Rock shot down reports of M.I.A. performing on any tracks on their new album.

"Those are just rumors," he told MTV News. The same goes for [artist id="1133"]Snoop Dogg[/artist] and [artist id="1277571"]Jarvis Cocker[/artist] collaboration rumors -- all not true.

And there's no word on the release date for the Beasties' new record, except that it will be sometime in May. We think ...

"I don't know if you [want to] go down to Vegas and throw down a bet just yet," Adam "MCA" Yauch cautioned.

But you can bank on the re-release of Paul's Boutique in celebration of the album's 20th anniversary. Although its release date is also yet to be determined, the trio finally offered up some information on the new version of their classic.

"The other day at the studio, we saw the artwork for the CD," Mike D said. "And it finally looks proper. After years in the making, on its 20th anniversary, it's going to finally be correct."

"We remastered it too," MCA added. "So now it actually does have enough bass to shatter your one frozen testicle."

The band cryptically asked fans to submit their e-mail addresses at their Web site to receive more information about the album when it becomes available., however, already lists the release date as February 10.

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