Song You Need To Know: Taylor Swift, 'Speak Now'

On the title track and newest single from her upcoming album, Speak Now, Taylor Swift does her best impression of Dustin Hoffman in "The Graduate," interrupting the wedding of the man of her dreams.

"Speak Now" is an incredibly detailed account of Taylor Swift, wedding crasher. Sneaking into a chapel and spying a bridezilla ripping into one of her bridesmaids, Taylor decidedly does not forever hold her peace, delivering a musical argument as to why he belongs with her.

Much like Speak Now's first single, "Mine," "Speak Now" employs a hushed, restrained verse and then moves the needle with some lovely harmonies and drums.

As Idolator pointed out, this is hardly the first time that Taylor Swift has found herself trying to convince a boy to drop the zero and get with a hero. But it's worth noting that much like the college-dropout-and-a-waitress love story of "Mine," this nuptials-themed track shows Taylor's material maturing.

Taylor Swift's Speak Now is out Oct. 25. And don't miss Taylor Swift's global album release event in New York. will be streaming the event live starting at 7pm/6c on Oct. 25.

+ Listen to Taylor Swift's "Speak Now."

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