The Rock Wants You To Know That Nick Jonas Loves Tequila And Bad Words

Same, Kevin Hart. Same.

Let the record show that Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson will absolutely take any given opportunity to tease his co-stars and blow up their spot when it comes to their partying preferences.

Johnson and his fellow Jumanji explorers have been having a total blast promoting their hilarious action flick, if random outbursts of Guns N' Roses sing-alongs and general goofiness alongside Jack Black and Kevin Hart serve as indications. Jumanji's Berlin premiere was no exception, and Johnson made sure to rib Nick Jonas after they walked the red carpet together.

Who are some #goodboys? According to Johnson, Hart and Jonas, though Jonas gets the bonus of being singled out for loving tequila, cussing, and tattoos.

Honestly, we'd follow these three into the jungle no matter what, even if it means morphing into characters totally unlike ourselves (as they do in the movie) and facing tons of growling, roaring, galloping creatures on the way — especially if raging with Jonas is involved.