People Can't Get Over This Woman Retouching Herself Into A Completely Different Person

Brought to you by the letters W, O and W.

We all know that human interaction on the internet is best taken with a grain of salt -- identities are easily faked and people lie about their age and sometimes, everything else. (Ahem, we even have a show about it on MTV.)

But there's always something a ~little shocking~ about seeing internet misdirection in bold, filtered action.

Chinese iPhone app MeituPic looks like your typical selfie-editing app: there are Instagram-esque filters, you can add frames, crop and more.

But what most other apps don't have is MeituPic's Retouching feature, which can remove acne, thin your face, smooth and whiten your skin and a bunch of other stuff. After retouching your identity, you can directly share it to social media as if you just casually took that spotless selfie like it was NBD.

One woman recorded the process of editing her own face, and judging by the fact that 5.7 million people have watched her do it in five days, it's pretty astonishing how far you can take this app.

Watch her video below.

So, I couldn't resist downloading MeituPic myself and transforming my face into a smooth, retouched, extraterrestrial masterpiece:

[image_reveal first="" second=""]
After the initial reaction to the final edit ?, I've decided I like my own face better. Although I would like sparkles and shooting stars to follow me around in real life. That would be neat. ?

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