Lana Del Rey Faces The Storm On February's Complex Cover (PHOTO)

Credit: Complex

Everyone's talking about Lana Del Rey! After her slightly controversial "Saturday Night Live" appearance, Lana's been left to defend her live performance skills and her stance as the "next big thing." While plenty of naysayers remain, there is a silver lining: Lana looks ABSOLUTELY STUNNING on the cover of February's Complex magazine!

Rocking a beige trench and a giant umbrella, the Complex cover features a lovely-looking Lana standing strong in the face of a rainstorm -- symbolism much? Inside the issue, Lana delves deep into her personal life opening up about her rambunctious ways as a kid, her less-than-spectacular taste in men and her serious bouts with depression.

Del Rey admits that if she wasn't a singer, she'd want to be a social worker: "I was dealing with a lot of emotional stuff so I know what it is like to be at war with yourself." Lana also explains how at one point, life was a bit rockier for the singer than it is now: "I went through different experiences when I was younger. I know how to go from being a nonfunctioning member of society to a functioning one. I was reckless. Being human is difficult, and some make it more difficult. I was one of those people."

Finally, Lana confesses: "I'm interested in the gorgeous side of life, but also familiar with the dark side, too." Good thing you're interested in the gorgeous side, gurl, 'cause we have a feeling you might be seeing some flowers after those showers. (Strong metaphor finish!)