'E&U' Update! Amanda And Chad Are Expecting!

To all the skeptics out there ... Amanda is the happiest she's ever been, especially now that she and Chad have a baby on the way! Check out her exciting note below...

I wish that I could write this blog entry to update everyone on married life without making it sound sweet enough to rot your teeth, but honestly it's hard. Trust me, Chad and I have had our share of fights and conflicts, but I can honestly say with abandon that this is the happiest I've ever been in my life.

If you had asked me before the wedding whether my life would change much post-nuptials, my answer probably would have sounded like, "Sure, but I'm not expecting much." I was wrong! When it comes to getting married and moving in together, I've loved every single change. I love living with my absolute best friend in the world and getting to share so much together. I've noticed that some of the little and meaningless fights we get into have nearly gone away. I think that living together has put us on the same page without either of us doing anything other than spending more time together. I wouldn't change anything about my life now. I live a happier life now that we're married.

As for the details of our lives, not a lot has changed. Right before the wedding I started a brand new job working for Bank of America (trust me that was crazy, starting a new job just before a wedding!!) and I still work there now. Chad is finishing up his hours at school and will be graduating at the end of February. He's so excited and I am, too! He works so hard at school and at his job; I can't wait until he can do the job he loves instead of having to go to school as well. Chad’s incredibly talented at what he does so I'm excited to see where he goes in his profession. I know he's going to do things I can't even try to predict now.

We're still really close to our families. We go to Chad's parents’ house for dinner, and his brother and best man, Cameron, is one of our best friends. We made it through our first holiday as a married couple without much tension. Our first holiday season shared between families went as smooth and wonderful as we could have imagined.

Speaking of family, there's about to be a big change in ours. We got some exciting and unexpected news last month that we are expecting! This is definitely quite the surprise, but we couldn't be happier about it. Our little one is coming in mid-August and as every day passes we get more and more eager to finally meet him or her!

Married life is honestly more than I could've ever hoped for. Not to sound like the ending of a romantic drama, but I love Chad more and more every day, and life with him is such a joy. I can't wait to see what else life throws at us!

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