Blink-182 Makes A Soaring Comeback On 'Bored To Death'

Tom who?

Blink-182's first new music minus Tom DeLonge sounds a lot like ... Blink-182.

Or, at least, a familiar version of the band you know and love (and likely grew up worshiping). While there's no youthful zest to be found on the soaring "Bored to Death," there is Travis Barker's furious drumming, power chords courtesy of bassist Mark Hoppus, and though Alkaline Trio's Matt Skiba is now on guitar, close your eyes and it could easily be Tom DeLonge shredding across that giant hook.

On "Bored to Death," Hoppus is lost and detached, yet reflective: "It's a long way back from 17 / The whispers turn into a scream," he sings, before eventually deciding, "life is too short to last." Fitting words from a band that's existed for nearly a quarter of a century, and in that time has experienced its fair share (and then some) of internal strife.

Ultimately, "Bored to Death" proves Blink-182's resilience and undeniable place within the world of pop-punk. Welcome back, dudes.