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'Sex And The City 2' Director 'Never Turned Down' Katie Holmes, Victoria Beckham

'They're both fantastic actresses ... but never had a thought of it,' Michael Patrick King tells MTV News.

One of the most exciting things about watching the trailer for [movie id="414497"]"Sex and the City 2,"[/movie] opening Thursday, was spotting the celebrity faces who would make cameos: Liza Minnelli, Miley Cyrus and Penélope Cruz all make appearances. (Even a ghost from [article id="1639564"]Carrie's past shows up[/article] in the form of Aidan Shaw, played by John Corbett.)

But rumors that Katie Holmes and Victoria Beckham also had guest spots drove "SATC" die-hards into a tizzy. Director Michael Patrick King heard the talk, but called it nothing but online gossip.

"I have never had any negative [interactions with Holmes and Beckham]. I didn't turn down Victoria, and I never turned down Katie Holmes," King recently told MTV News. He added that when he ran into Holmes, she was as eager as any fan to see "Sex and the City 2."

"As a matter of fact, I bumped into Katie Holmes the other night, by accident, and she said to me, 'Tell me Carrie doesn't cheat on Big with Aidan,' " King recalled. "So that's all rumor. They're both fantastic actresses, and it would be nice, but [I] never had a thought of it."

Kim Cattrall had a blast shooting with an actress who did [article id="1639410"]make the flick, Miley Cyrus[/article].

"It was a fun scene to do, and she was up for it," Cattrall said of working with Cyrus.

"She was very sweet, and she was so excited by the fact that she was a part of this, and that was exciting for us. I mean, all of our guest stars -- Liza Minnelli, Penélope Cruz and Miley -- it really adds a couple more sparkles."

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