Olivia Munn Joins 'Iron Man 2' In Unspecified Role

Variety reports that Olivia Munn, host of G4's "Attack of the Show," has landed an unspecified role in "Iron Man 2," currently filming with director Jon Favreau at the helm. While her part in the movie remains unclear, some guesses have been made by fans and websites alike -- many of which have been addressed by the actress herself.

Munn is a frequent Twitter user, and she has utilized the social networking site in conjunction with the latest "Iron Man 2" news. The first hint she's provided about her role is that "it is definitely a bigger role than 'big stan,'" implying that she'll have a larger part to play than one of Stan Lee's typical small-sized cameos.

Next, Munn refuted speculation from the Slash Film gang that she'd be playing a television personality in the "Iron Man" sequel, much like her true-to-life day job. The actress said that she is "not playing a reporter. but that's all i can say."

Apparently, that's not all she could say. After hours of badgering from her Twitter followers, Munn finally gave up the goods on who she'd be playing in the Marvel movie -- War Machine himself herself!

"Yes, spoiler. I am playing the role of War Machine in Iron Man 2," she wrote. "Terrance Howard, Don Cheadle and now Olivia Munn!"

Moral of the story? Munn is likely to stay mum on her role until she's given the go-ahead from the folks at Marvel Studios. In all likelihood, we'll have to wait until the first official footage from the film debuts -- or heck, even until the movie itself premieres.

But that doesn't mean it's any less fun to guess! Who wants to bet that she's the Mandarin?!

Who will Munn portray in "Iron Man 2"? Your best guesses in the comments, please!