7 Jennifer Lawrence Roles You Totally Forgot Happened

Teen JLaw, all covered in blood!

Sure, we all know Jennifer Lawrence: She's the girl on fire, Katniss, our dream BFF. She's the one who, when she murmured "thank God for me" in "American Hustle," we were like yes, totally, thank God for you! She's mystical as Mystique in the "X-Men" franchise, and strikes a bullseye in "The Hunger Games" movies. Who could forget her in anything?

Um, us, as it turns out. See, before she was Oscar Winner Jennifer Lawrence, she was a young actress trying to make a name for herself through TV guest spots, commercials and indies. Even after "Winter's Bone," Lawrence still had a few less-seen flicks.

Ahead, seven Jennifer Lawrence roles in TV and movies we totally forgot about.

1. "My Super Sweet 16" (2007)

JLaw turned heads as a spoiled rich kid in a promo for MTV's "My Super Sweet 16," the role that earned her her SAG card.

2. "Monk"

Don't bother looking for her on the court -- gf is inside the mascot suit. Yeah, keep watching. Oh, there she is. Future Oscar winner Jennifer Lawrence, everyone!

3. "Cold Case"

Lawrence has the schoolgirl thing down pat in this guest spot on "Cold Case." Check out her dramatic interview as the daughter of a murder victim in the clip above.

4. "The Poker House"

In this 2008 film, years before she'd pick up Katniss' bow, Lawrence played Agnes, a teen with her mind on justice.

5. "Medium"

There she is, all covered in blood. To be real, JLaw sometimes pops up in our dreams too. Usually not bloody though. Mostly as our BFF.

6. "Like Crazy"

She'll iron your jeans and she'll make your long-distance girlfriend really upset. "Like Crazy" came out after her Oscar-nominated turn in "Winter's Bone," but the indie wasn't so widely seen.

7. "The Beaver"

As it turns out, "Like Crazy" wasn't the only time Lawrence would lock lips with Anton Yelchin. In this often-delayed movie, co-starring Mel Gibson, Lawrence was "more than just a girl with a dead brother."

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