Robyn Says 'Indestructible' Video Shows 'What Sex Really Is'

'Sex is everywhere all the time, but very rarely is it made out to be something real,' Swedish pop sensation tells MTV News.

What did you do in 2010? If you're Robyn, you released three albums of pitch-perfect robo-pop, performed at the [article id="1646772"]MTV Video Music Awards[/article], toured relentlessly, provided the soundtrack to a key "hate sex" scene on [article id="1647902"]"Gossip Girl"[/article] and established yourself as your favorite pop star's favorite pop star.

And that's just here in the States.

Yeah, it's been a pretty big year for the Swedish pop sensation, and on November 22, she'll cap it off by releasing the third and final installment of her Body Talk trilogy. She's already dropped the first single from that album, a spindly, pulsating bit of anthemic electro called "Indestructible," complete with a clothing-optional video that's raising eyebrows (and temperatures) worldwide. Though, to hear Robyn talk about it, there's nothing really all that shocking about the clip ... except maybe for its honesty.

"We just wanted to make a video about sex, but in a way that wasn't so clichéd," she told MTV News on Thursday (November 11). "I think 'Indestructible' is a song that talks about what happens when you meet new people and fall in love, and how that can be scary and fun at the same time. And [the video] is made to give you a picture of what sex really is, which I think is something that's very hard to do, because sex is everywhere all the time, but very rarely is it made out to be something real."

Of course, Robyn herself doesn't get in on the action, mostly because she spends the entire video encased in what could best be described as a "tube dress," a series of clear plastic pipes wrapped around her entire body that periodically fill with colored fluids. The dress was designed by Lucy McRae, an Australian artist who makes "body architecture," and it required a whole lot of complex machinery to function and, yes, was pretty symbolic too. (McRae designed the outfits Robyn wore on all three Body Talk covers.)

"It's a very complicated machine that she had to build to make these tubes to work, and they had to do it quickly, because we didn't really get the budget together until a couple of weeks before," Robyn laughed. "So the machine is actually powered by drills. It looked like 'MacGyver' on the set. ... It's very much about, like, giving almost a physical experience of what it feels like to be on a dance floor or fall in love, whether it's blood or endorphins or other body fluids."

But 2010 wasn't all about pushing boundaries and making grand gestures: One of Robyn's biggest moments this year occurred earlier this month, when she made a cameo on "Gossip Girl." (Her song "Dancing on My Own" was also used to score a particularly heated sex session between Blair Waldorf and Chuck Bass.) It was neither edgy nor symbolic, but Robyn didn't seem to mind -- she was too busy having fun.

"People were really nice to us!" she laughed. "It was really interesting to see what a real American soap opera looks like up close as a European person, it's a little exotic. It's classic, in a weird way."

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