Jack Antonoff’s Wedding Goes Horribly Wrong In New Bleachers Video

Lena Dunham directs the candy-coated ‘Don’t Take the Money’ vid

With his solo project Bleachers, Jack Antonoff regularly explores darkness beneath the sheen of bright, ’80s-inspired pop surfaces. So it makes sense that, in the band's new video for “Don’t Take the Money,” a candy-coated backyard wedding that should be totally dreamy ends up in complete chaos.

In the video — directed by Antonoff’s longtime girlfriend, Lena Dunham — the frontman plays a doomed groom in an elaborately bedazzled sailor’s uniform. Arrested Development star Alia Shawkat presides over the ceremony, reading out of a sanctified New Jersey phonebook, before things get wild. Cue the bride-to-be’s intense ex storming in, wearing a mesh top and combat boots, and kicking the shit out of poor, jilted Antonoff. Remember that time he got beat up in Bleachers’s “Rollercoaster” video? This is way worse.

“Don’t Take the Money” appears on the forthcoming Bleachers album Gone Now, out June 2. The album also includes the recently released single “Hate That You Know Me” with Carly Rae Jepsen. Can’t wait to see if Antonoff gets beat up in the video for that, too.