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'On My Block' Cast Teases Season 3's Highest Stakes Ever

'Our lives are on the line'

It’s been a year since the Freeridge crew was snatched off the sidewalk in their Los Angeles neighborhood and stuffed into a van with bags over their heads. But finally, the fates of Ruby, Jamal, Monse, and Cesar will be revealed when On My Block Season 3 hits Netflix on March 11.

“This season specifically is, like, nothing is off limits,” Jessica Marie Garcia, who plays Jasmine, tells MTV News. “We go on such a roller coaster, whether it's emotion, whether it's the situations that we're in.”

“It's the comedy of Season 1 with the heartbreak of Season 2 blended together,” Brett Gray (Jamal) adds.

In the lead-up to their kidnapping, the Core Four entangled themselves in the hunt for a hidden fortune — a.k.a. the RollerWorld money — and inadvertently got caught up in local gang politics. They found the cash, lost the cash, and just when you think they’re in the clear, were captured by a mysterious figure. In a teaser for Season 3, we see a carefully sharpened and shined knife on a platter, ready to be served to the group, obediently seated side by side as the bags are whisked off their heads. They see their captor; we do not.

Gilles Mingasson/Netflix

On My Block Season 3

Luckily, we do get to see their kidnapper at the new season’s open — a person with “great nails,” Garcia notes — and right along with that, a new assignment, with the highest possible stakes. “Our lives are on the line,” Diego Tinoco (Cesar) says. Thus, the Core Four officially becomes the Core More, with Ruby (Jason Genao) bringing Jasmine into the fold (her dream come true!) and Cesar’s brother Spooky (Julio Macias) offering the necessary insight to help wade the rocky waters.

Of course, there are still personal matters to address. On-again-off-again couple Cesar and Monse (Sierra Capri) are still… well, Cesar and Monse. “Always. They don't know what they want to do,” Genao intones, while Tinoco defends the love/hate relationship that we all love/hate to watch. “It's your first love going through the bumps of a young teenage relationship and ultimately just trying to be there for one another,” he says.

Meanwhile, Monse and Jasmine reach a new level in their friendship when Monse finally receives the love Jasmine’s always tried to give, going from “this girl lives around here” (Garcia’s words) to “oh, OK, I can rock for her” (Capri’s words). And continuing the chain of ships, be prepared for Jasmine and Ruby to “explore new forms of their friendship,” Genao says. Let’s just say things don’t hit a standstill after Ruby leaned on Jasmine in the aftermath of his shooting.

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On My Block Season 3

That just leaves Jamal, who, per usual, finds adventure just outside of the group’s bounds. “Jamal has a love interest this season,” Gray teases. His mystery girl enters early in the season, breaking new ground for the Core More’s most inquisitive member.

There is, obviously, a lot going on outside of their interpersonal relationships, resulting in the exact kind of push-and-pull expected from a group of teens navigating high school, friendships, dating, family, and near-death experiences. Nothing’s ever static. “Today we might be good and we might be on and I love you more than anything — and then tomorrow I hate your guts and it's with such a passion,” Garcia says.

True to form, On My Block peppers its most emotional moments with a signature zaniness, that both lightens the mood and allows the series to maintain its totally bingeable status. But even during these ridiculously heightened moments, it never loses sight of the stakes — and things are going to get intense this season.

The teenage years are a period of growth, and Season 3 is the manifestation of such growing pains. As viewers prepare to settle in for the new season, Genao has some simple advice: “Remember who they were, but don't expect them to be that anymore.” And if you pay close attention, Tinoco adds, you’ll start to recognize the people that they’re on the way to becoming, for better or for worse.