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BTS Can't Be Contained To Just The Stage In Theatrical 'Black Swan' Video

The group's new visual features feathers, mirrors, and contemporary moves

BTS's majestic new "Black Swan" video chronicles the group's haunting transformation into metaphorical black swans. They assemble within a grand theater and use the stage to show where they've gone, where they are now, and how they feel about the tempestuous journey.

A black swan isn't just a common Australian avian, it's also an unforeseen event that often has earth-shattering consequences. This second meaning is at the center of "Black Swan" because the seeds of disillusionment with music have been planted in the group's psyche. With them then realizing that music is all that they have, their love must endure. That poisonous feeling isn't going to leave though. Their feathers have been blackened by fear.

Humans can't grow feathers (yet), so BTS depicts this pivotal transformation in a different way throughout the dynamic visual. It kicks off with the group wearing white suits, symbolizing innocent white swans, as they morph their bodies into sharp poses.

One by one, we're introduced to the members now dressed in black, feather-like suits, signaling that the shift is complete while they dance, mimicking the delicate movements of a wedge of swans. Through serious and sullen expressions, they chart a path to despair that manifests once wings sprout into the air.

It ends with one last glance at the stage that they know as home before they leave, undoubtedly to go upon it again sometime soon. No matter what they wear for the next go around, their black suits will be underneath.

"Black Swan" appears on BTS's latest album, Map Of The Soul: 7that dropped in February. The LP also features "On," a spin on their 2013 track, "N.O." BTS revealed to MTV's Fresh Out Live how the song came about. "The name of the track wasn't 'On' in the beginning, but we came together and we had a meeting trying to decide what we wanted the title track to be and what we wanted to call it," vocalist Jungkook said. "Because this was a reboot, we wanted to take our old song 'N.O' and turn into 'On,' so I just threw that out, and we really liked it, talked about 'bring the pain on,' and we put that into the lyrics — and that's how we came up with the title track."

Check out BTS's royal new 'Black Swan' video up above. And check out MTV News's interview with the superstar septet below: