'Harry Potter' Fans Weigh In On Harry And Hermione Topless Kiss

'They're totally topless and it's really creepy,' one uncomfortable fan says after midnight 'Deathly Hallows' screening.

"Awkward," "creepy," "disturbing."

Those were among the words "Harry Potter" fans used to describe the rather unexpected and altogether hallucinatory kiss between Harry and Hermione in "Deathly Hallows."

Streaming out of a midnight screening at an IMAX theater in New York City, with lightning-bolt scars drawn on their foreheads and clutching wands, "Potter"-ites were still reeling from that onscreen smooch.

"They're totally topless and it's really creepy," Emma Larson told MTV News.

That sentiment is not far from how Emma Watson, who plays Hermione Granger, was feeling when she found out exactly what was in store for her scripted kiss.

"It was only the day before that they said, 'Oh, by the way, we hope it's all right, but [article id="1652291"]we want you to be topless[/article], and we're going to cover you in silver paint,' " the actress told us earlier this week. "It was awkward enough as it was without the silver paint and the strapless bra, but whatever. It works."

Others also agreed that it works. Itamar Lilienthal certainly did, calling the lip-locking "very erotic." Admitted Dustin Atlas, "I was a little jealous."

Some, however, were not digging the twist, which had Harry and Hermione swapping spit as part of their friend's jealous hallucination. "It was a little awkward," Jane Howe said. "It was not a natural kiss, and they were naked, which added a whole other aspect to it."

"It actually made me more uncomfortable," Chris McMahon said.

Many fans were simply unprepared to see Hermione showing affection to anyone other than Ron. But for some, the kiss was a chance to see, at long last, Harry and Hermione together, at least for a few seconds.

"That was pretty intense," said Hillary Brens. "I think a lot of fans wanting that relationship to happen -- they finally got it."

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