Head And Stephen Baldwin Plan Line Of 'Cutting-Edge Christian Products'

'There's just not a lot of really cool Christian material out there,' Baldwin says.

Goodbye Fieldy, hello Stephen Baldwin ...

Brian "Head" Welch may have severed creative ties with his former Korn bandmates following his conversion to Christianity, but he's found at least one new partner in the youngest of Hollywood's Baldwin clan.

The born-again actor said that he and Welch have been talking about launching a line of "cutting-edge Christian products" in an attempt to give young people of faith some pop culture they can actually be proud of.

Welch left Korn last month, noting that his newfound Christianity made it impossible for him to continue to play Korn's music and live the band's lifestyle (see [article id="1497313"]"Brian 'Head' Welch Leaves Korn, Citing Moral Objections To Band's Music"[/article]). Since leaving the band, Welch has spent considerable time working with members of the Valley Bible Fellowship in Bakersfield, California, and has also sought out Baldwin, who went through his own very public conversion to Christianity.

"Brian reached out to me a couple weeks ago because he saw the journey that I've taken in recent years," Baldwin said. "We're just talking now about the very recent and powerful conversion that he went through, and we're sharing about our faith."

The actor said that the two plan to team up soon to create "new relevant youth culture material that empowers them to be proud of their faith."

"There's just not a lot of really cool Christian material out there," Baldwin added.

The partnership makes perfect sense on a number of levels; in addition to their faith, the two also share a keen interest in skate culture. Baldwin has produced a successful line of Christian skate clothing (at, skate videos and a skate tour (found at, while Welch has said he hopes his more spiritual solo material will allow him the opportunity to build skate parks (see [article id="1497749"]"Brian 'Head' Welch Hopes Solo Music Will Fund Skate Parks"[/article]).

"It really seems like we struck a nerve," Baldwin said of the audience he's found for his "Livin' It" videos, which have sold more than 80,000 copies, by his estimate. He hopes that teaming with Welch will take his message to an even wider audience.

"I'm just excited to have the opportunity to work with such a talented individual," Baldwin said.

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