'The A-Team' Star Sharlto Copley Pulled Some Stunts For His Audition

Sharlto Copley came out of nowhere last year, a newcomer actor who impressed the hell out of everyone with his performance in Neill Blomkamp's exceptional sci-fi flick, "District 9." It was quite a turnaround too, for him to jump from that to this weekend's big release, "The A-Team"-- he would have to have pretty much gone straight from promoting "District 9" to shooting "A-Team." And as it turns out, he did! Strangest of all, however, was the audition process: stuck on the road promoting his debut effort, Copley had to make do with what was around him and send in a tape.

"It was pretty surreal. It all happened pretty fast," he said. "I was promoting district 9 when ['A-Team' casting started]. I actually shot a series of scenes in my hotel room that I called 'Things That Could Happen to Murdock in a Hotel Room.' I sent those to [director] Joe Carnahan and that's how I got the role." Sounds hilarious. What was on that tape?

"There was some fun stuff," Copley said. "I was literally just improv-ing off stuff in the room. So it was stuff like... I had a communication with a flower. I was hearing voices. I had a hygeine issue in the bathroom. [I acted as if] B.A. was playing his rap music next door too loud and I couldn't sleep. So I pretended to be the hotel manager and I phoned and said," -- he puts on a fake accent -- "'Hello, Mr. Baracus? You're playing your music too loud."

With such a unique audition, it stands to reason that fans will get a chance to see it all at some point. Copley agrees. "I think it'll be on the DVD," he said.

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