Harry Styles Has The Dreamiest Eyes According To Science

Science gets it

Anyone who saw just how closely Harry Styles's eyes matched the choppy waves of Dunkirk could tell you that the dude has a fierce pair of baby [greens], but apparently he has the definitive set of pretty peepers — as in, his are the actual best eyes around — thanks to the Golden Ratio.

In ancient Greece, a bunch of smarties came up with a formula favoring symmetry to determine what makes a good-looking face a great one, and that's the root of this Golden Ratio, according to Dr. Julian De Silva and some facial-mapping techniques that follow these guidelines.

By De Silva's calculations, George Clooney is kind of the modern standard for perfection, which comes as a shock to approximately no one: "He has beautiful facial symmetry and gets closer than any other man to having what the Greeks considered the perfect face."

With this criteria in mind, De Silva mapped the faces of a bunch of other well-known, universally adored faces, and found that Ryan Gosling should get a trophy in a Hot Nose contest, Bradley Cooper is right behind Clooney with the near-perfect visage, and Styles's eyes and chin, in particular, are especially swoon-worthy.

Casual reminder that this is what we're dealing with, here:



You don't even have to be making direct eye contact with the dude to see that those are some DAMN GOOD EYEBALLS.

In other news, water is wet, the earth is flat, and the sky is blue. Almost as aquamarine as Styles's eyes.