Celebs, Take Note: Kendrick Lamar Just Solved The Paparazzi Problem

And got a job offer in the process.

Kendrick Lamar is both a world famous rapper and a Los Angeles native, which means that when he comes home from being on the road, he lands at the paparazzi capital of the world -- LAX -- and is an attractive subject for eager paps.

So it's no surprise that when K. Dot touched down at the airport on Wednesday (May 27), he was met -- you guessed it -- by paparazzi cams. But the rapper either had a plan of action or was quick on his feet -- both seem like very viable options -- and decided to turn the tables.

Take a look:

That’s right. Kendrick whipped out his own camera (the one on his phone), along with the rest of his camp, and they swarmed the swarmers, asking questions and encroaching on personal space. You know, all the stuff they’ve become accustomed to.

The paps weren't mad, though. In fact, they were pretty good sports about it. One answered a few questions and even offered Kendrick a job at TMZ -- he's already got a full-time gig, it turns out -- while another flipped his hat forwards to show that he was repping L.A. like Kendrick did in "King Kunta."

That's how to arrive in style.

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