How MTV's 'Scream' Paid Tribute To Drew Barrymore's Legendary Demise

Tonight's episode had more than a few similarities to the original movie's opening scene.

Talk about déjà vu.

After countless hair-raising moments and yet another murder (RIP Rachel), tonight's episode of "Scream" finished in stunning yet familiar fashion: Emma was home alone when she got a seemingly innocent phone call that soon turned into a tête-à-tête of terror.

Ring a bell? It should: The moment harkened back to the very first few minutes of the inaugural "Scream" movie, when Casey Becker (played by Drew Barrymore) got a similarly sinister call. Here are all the ways the heart-pounding 2015 scene resembled the 1996 "Scream"-fest:

The settings

Emma 7

1996: Casey was enjoying a quiet night at home, making popcorn and -- in a truly old-school moment -- getting ready to fire up the VCR to watch a video.

2015: Emma was spending the night home alone too, lounging on the couch and fidgeting with her smartphone.

The topics of conversation


1996: Casey's caller pretended he'd dialed a wrong number but quickly charmed her into a conversation about her favorite films. "Do you like scary movies?" he asked, giving the horror genre one of its most memorable lines. She replied in the affirmative and revealed that her fave was "Halloween."

2015: Just after her home's burglar alarm went off, Emma got a call from a man claiming to be from the security company. But after assuring her that police were on their way, something disturbing happened: He randomly inquired about what she likes to watch on TV. Emma mentioned "Game of Thrones" and "Scandal," but the man eerily asked if she liked one show in particular: "How To Get Away With Murder." And that, friends, was clue #1 that this guy wasn't from the security company.

The 'I'm watching you' revelations

Emma 1

1996: After bantering with Casey, the caller finally asked her name. "Why do you want to know my name?" she asked. His reply: "Because I want to know who I'm looking at." When the pretty blond became startled, he tried to backtrack, saying, "I want to know who I'm talking to."

2015: Continuing their chat about Emma's favorite TV shows, the man asked if she prefers the comedy or horror genre. "Definitely not horror," she said. "Real life is scary enough these days -- I can barely sleep anymore." The man's reply: "You do look tired...I mean, you sound tired." Uh-oh.

The threats to call the POPO

Emma 2

1996: Going into full panic mode, Casey proclaimed, "I'm two seconds from calling the police." The caller responded, "They'd never make it in time."

2015: When Emma also threatened to alert the 5-0, her caller essentially gave the same response. But hell, it would've been worth a try.

The lock-downs

Emma 5

1996: Realizing that her mystery caller meant (deadly) business, Casey walked through the house and locked all its doors.

2015: Emma secured a window as she pondered why a police officer had yet to arrive. "What's taking him so long?" she asked the caller. His reply: "What you should really be asking is, did you just lock me in...or out?" And that's when sh*t got real: Finally revealed as the killer, the man went on a maniacal tirade. "It all started with [your mother]," he said cryptically, "but it's going to end with you." And while good ol' Casey was slaughtered by Ghostface in the "Scream" flick, the Lakewood killer spared Emma's life...for now.

Tell us: How many similarities between tonight's "Scream" and the big-screen version did you notice? And what connection do you think the Lakewood killer has to Emma's mom? Share your theories in the comments, and be sure to catch "Scream" on Tuesday at 10/9c!

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