Watch James Van Der Beek Hilariously Mock Indiana’s Religious Freedom Law

The “Dawson’s Creek” alum teamed up with Anna Camp to fight hate with a healthy dose of humor.

In a move that aims to show just how ridiculous Indiana’s controversial religious freedom law is, the fine folks at Funny or Die have whipped up a sketch spoofing how the law would play out IRL.

The hilarious clip stars James Van Der Beek and “Pitch Perfect 2” star Anna Camp as two straight, conservative hosts of an Indiana-based home shopping show who get flustered as they field calls from gay customers.

“All these liberals!” Camp exclaims dramatically as she gets a call from a shopper who wants to buy a set of porcelain dishes for her “husband,” Lisa. “Are we in Utah or something?”

She and Van Der Beek keep reminding customers they have the right to refuse service because of their religious beliefs. “Here in Indiana, we have a Religious Freedom law, which means that we don't have to serve anyone who threatens our religion,” Van Der Beek explains.

“I mean, can you imagine a world where a gay couple asks you to make a cake and then you actually have to sit down and make it?" Camp chimes in.

While executed flawlessly, the sketch is also a biting reminder of how discrimination could run rampant under Gov. Mike Pence’s bill.

Van Der Beek is just one of several celebrities who have spoken out against the law this week — he recently voiced his opinions on Twitter by reminding us what “freedom” really means.