27 SnapChats That Perfectly Explain College

You can list SnapChat as a skill on your resume, right?

All aboard the college struggle bus! Welcome to four years of excitement, exhaustion and the occasional existential crisis. Here's what to expect, as only SnapChat can portray it.

1. When you arrive on campus for the first time

Three words snap

2. When you start stealing plates and utensils from the dining hall

China cabinet snap

3. When you bond with your new roommates over your shared love of Harry Potter


4. When you binge watch Netflix instead of studying for midterms

[image src="wp-attachment://1931280" title="Orange is the new black snap" alt="Orange is the new black snap"]

5. When you live in a coed dorm

Live with a girl snap

6. When your friends ask you for advice

Doug snap

7. When you fall asleep in the library

Aladdin snap

8. When the internet in your dorm goes down

No internet net

9. When you're from California and go to school in the Northeast

Snow snap

10. When you miss your significant other

Significant other snap

11. When you try to meet members of the opposite sex

Spongebob snap

12. When you enter your first frat party

First frat party

13. When desperate times call for desperate measures

Rice cooker snap

14. When you've become a pro at procrastinating

Procrastination snap

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And of course, when you have to go to class...

15. Art History

Art history snap

16. Literature

Literature snap

17. Statistics

Statistics snap

18. Biology

Biology snap

19. Music Theory

Music Theory snap

20. Nursing

Nursing snap

21. Physics


22. Oceanography

Nemo snap

23. Psychology

Psychology snap

24. Chemistry


25. Political Science

U.S. History snap

26. Cinema Studies

Cinema studies snap

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27. And finally, when you're ready to graduate

Job snap

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