These Vines From Justin Bieber And Nash Grier's Meet-Up 'Should' Be Epic

Except they don't exist.

OK, so I don't want to whip out a corncob pipe, hike up my dad pants (Pleated, For His Comfort™), and start lecturing Nash Grier on what he should be making Vines of. He's got over 8 million followers on the social-media platform -- he knows what he's doing. But, like, I'd say hanging out with Justin Bieber would warrant at least one six-second video or two, wouldn't you?

Well apparently, Nash didn't see the value in recording such an encounter, so all we get from his meet-up with the oft-shirtless "Confident" singer are a selfie and a group photo on the 16-year-old viral star's Shots profile, plus a photo on Bieber's Instagram.

[image src="wp-attachment://1858787" title="Nash Grier, Justin Bieber" alt="Nash Grier, Justin Bieber"]

Look, it's cool enough for Justin Bieber and Nash Grier's fans that they even get these pics in the first place. I don't mean to look a gift horse in the mouth (because lol wut why would I even); I'm just mourning the missed opportunity.

Or maybe they did film something and are busy editing it down to six-second perfection as we speak. BRB, refreshing Vine...

[image src="wp-attachment://1858789" title="Nash Grier, Justin Bieber" alt="Nash Grier, Justin Bieber"]