9 Things You Need To Know About 5SOS’ 'Sounds Good Feels Good'

It's just going to be soooo good.

We've watched a man graffiti a wall for two hours, they've hijacked our Twitter accounts and we've tried to keep up with all their mysterious art popping up all over the world.

So basically, waiting for 5 Seconds Of Summer's album has been a lot of work, but it will all be worth it on Friday when the group releases its highly anticipated second album, Sounds Good Feels Good.

We've heard a handful of songs off the album already -- "She's Kinda Hot," "Hey Everybody," "Permanent Vacation" and "Jet Black Heart" -- but what else can we expect from the pop-punk foursome?

Well, here are 9 things you need to know about 5SOS' new album before you take a listen.

It Gets Real

5SOS admitted that they are writing music about things that "everyone is scared to talk about." They are touching on depression, mental illness and how people their age "feel like sh-t about ourselves."

They Don't Need The Rich Lifestyle


The guys made it pretty obvious in their music video for "Hey Everybody" that they don't need a rich lifestyle to make them happy, a message they hope to convey to their fans.

Starting A Revolution

5SOS kickstarted this chapter of their musical career with "She's Kinda Hot," a song that is "so much more that meets the eye."

"It talks about mental struggle, to not fitting in, and that’s OK," Ashton told us. "'They say we're losers and we're alright with that' -- I think that’s a strong lyric in the song. It's definitely a song for the New Broken Scene kids, which are our fans.”

Working With Rock's Best


To help bring this album to life, 5SOS teamed up with their "big band brothers," Joel and Benji Madden, who co-wrote "Amnesia" on their first album and five of the tracks on Sounds Good Feels Good.

Meet Their Characters

Ashton revealed that each song takes on a different character that they've created, which will make people "feel something."

"We have created 14 characters for 14 songs on the album and those characters are little skerricks of us and what we feel in the songs. It’s a real honest thing that we want to be more than a band to our fans.”

And They All Have A Fav...Here's Luke's

Luke showed off the artwork to their track "Castaway," which he calls "super powerful."

Calum's Taking Off

Calum revealed that "Outerspace" is his favorite track off the album.

Michael's Got A "Jet Black Heart"

Michael's pick is "Jet Black Heart" because he feels he is a lot like the character, and the lyrics of the song "mean a lot to me."

Ashton Is "Invisible"

Ash's favorite character and track off the album is "Invisible," saying that "this song means a lot to me -- it's been incredible representing the songs through art across the world."