Facebook Has A Masterful Plan To Stop You From Posting Drunk Pictures

'Go home, you’re drunk.' — Facebook

We’ve all been there before: you have a few drinks with friends, get a little too full of “holiday cheer,” and decide to brag about your awesome night by posting drunken selfies on Facebook. Only problem is, your mom’s on Facebook. And your boss, your grandma, and hundreds of other people who will never let you forget your embarrassing, self-incriminating antics.

Lucky for us, Facebook wants to help us avoid making fools of ourselves. The site is reportedly whipping up some super smart software that prevents people from posting unflattering pictures of themselves.

Basically, the new lifesaving technology would study any photo you’re trying to upload to Facebook, decide if you look drunk in it, and then be like, “ehhh, are you sure about that?”

The fancy technology uses image recognition and artificial intelligence to distinguish between “drunk you” and “sober you.” Facebook already uses a kind of AI called “deep learning” to identify users’ faces — it’s how you’re able to tag your friends so easily in pictures.

Yann LeCun, the head of Facebook’s artificial intelligence research lab and our new BFF, revealed he’s also working on something that would let users know when someone else has posted a picture of them without permission. So when your so-called friend posts that one group shot where everyone looks cute except you, you can untag it before anyone sees.

Bottom line: this new technology — along with apps like this that’ll recover your drunken Snapchats — are saving our butts, and we should all be thankful. Technology is your friend after all.

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