50 Cent On Meek Mill: 'He's Really Not That Bright'

Fif weighs in on Meek's handling of his ongoing feuds.

Even if 50 Cent wasn't tangentially involved in the Drake and Meek Mill feud -- he's become the subject of Meek's ire, too, after poking fun at him in the wake of the whole ordeal -- he'd probably still have an opinion on it. And voice it. That's what he does.

So it was no surprise, given that reality and recent events like Meek's shots at 50 on "Gave 'Em Hope" last month, that Fif didn't have the kindest things to say about the MMG rapper when asked on Shade45 over the weekend.

"You know, he's really not that bright; that kid is not that bright," 50 said. "The easiest thing you can do is bring other people into the statements you’re saying, right, while you’re writing music. Not for them to be involved, but just to mention them."

He pointed specifically to Meek's decision to go after AR-Ab, who Drake shouted out in "Back to Back," and who said Meek's "Wanna Know" was disappointing.

"I didn't understand it when he did that. I was like, it's a special kind of stupid going on over here. Now you done took something that was completely non-threatening -- with Drake and [AR-Ab] -- and turned it into something that could potentially turn into you bumping into him in Philly."

He went on: "He watches anybody that goes next to the person that he has that passion for, and he attacks that person. You see he said some shit about Future. It's because they collaborated on an album together, so if you with him, then you against me. You have the least opportunity to beat these guys, with the momentum that have at this point."

True as that may be, let's not overlook the multiple moments of irony here.

First, there's the fact that one of 50's specialties was attacking people "next to" those he has "that passion for." Take Fat Joe and Jadakiss, who ended up in the crossfire just by appearing on Ja Rule's "New York" while 50 was at odds with him.

And then there's the fact that, when 50 went after Ja early last decade, Ja was one of the most successful and popular rappers around, with plenty of "momentum" -- the same way he's describing Drake and Future as Meek's chosen adversaries.

So, maybe his younger self wouldn't have listened to this advice, but that was/is the beauty of 50 Cent, right? Zero fucks given.

Meek, meanwhile, I'm sure doesn't care much for 50's words of wisdom at this point.