Eminem Prank-Calls LL Cool J During Satellite Radio Show

Calling in to the show as 'Jason from Miami,' Slim challenges LL to play 'Name That Tune.'

Eminem to Slim Shady to "Jason from Miami"? Marshall Mathers popped up Tuesday night on his Sirius Satellite Radio station, Shade 45, to pull a prank on LL Cool J. L was a guest on Tony Touch's "Toca Tuesday" show when fans started to phone in.

One caller was "Jason from Miami," who challenged LL to a round of "Name That Tune," in which "Jason" would recite the Queens legend's lyrics and L would have to guess which one of his songs was being rapped.

"Hold your nose, dead bodies are around/ I leave scratch marks under the tears of a clown," Eminem rapped in character. Cool J immediately recognized his song "Eat 'Em Up L Chill."

More lyrics came: "The president woke and he called the pope/ The pope climbed to heaven on a golden rope/ PS. The Lord raised Michelangelo from the dead/ So he can make a fresh painting of my head." Cool J was two-for-two, answering "My Rhyme Ain't Done."

"You sound good saying them joints. Damn, B," LL laughed, still apparently not hip that he was talking to Em. "That sounds like you need to write some bars, homie."

Em finally started reciting his own rhymes from "Lose Yourself" and revealed himself. Cool J laughed. Slim Shady told LL he had been a longtime fan and remembered their only meeting, years ago in a Foot Locker.

"Listen, man, you got this relationship with Dre," Em said. "You're cool with 50, so when are we gonna hang out? I got cable at my house, and the game is on."

Tony Touch was able to sneak in a question to Em about what he's up to musically. Slim has been on hiatus since late 2006 and was [article id="1579236"]hospitalized with pneumonia last December[/article], fueling tabloid rumors that he had gained [article id="1586292"]an unhealthy amount of weight[/article].

"Everything is good," he responded. "I'm just in the studio now working on songs."

[article id="1588415"]Cool J is working on new material as well[/article]. His next album, Exit 13, is slated for sometime this summer.

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