Remembering Pedro Zamora: These Never-Seen-Before Photos Show The 'Real World' Icon's Pride

In a touching tribute, Judd Winnick posts throwback pictures of his former San Francisco roommate.

Exactly 21 years ago, seven strangers (Judd Winick, Pam Ling, Rachel Campos, Cory Murphy, Mohammed Bilal, David "Puck" Rainey and the late Pedro Zamora) packed up their bags and headed for the Golden Gate City to film the third season of "The Real World," not knowing the significant mark they'd make on reality television, and most importantly, the LGBT community.

Flash forward to 2015: The U.S. Supreme Court ruled in favor of nationwide same-sex marriages last Friday, allowing LGBT couples to say “I do” across all 50 states. The good news hit home for many equality supporters, especially Winick, who continues to champion for gay rights in honor of Zamora’s legacy.

Celebrating #TBT a little early, Judd paid tribute to his good friend over Pride weekend, sharing several never-before-seen photos of the pair and their roomies during SF's Gay Pride Parade in 1994:

And shortly after the SCOTUS' decision, Judd posted a touching pic of Pedro and his partner Sean Sasser, taken during the couple's commitment ceremony.

During their time in San Francisco, Judd formed a close and unique bond with Pedro, proudly standing by his mission to further educate society on life with HIV/AIDS -- even as Pedro fought his own brave battle with the disease. Although he passed away shortly after his iconic MTV stint, his pioneering spirit lives on through his friends, family and those he impacted along the way.

"Like the many he fought for, Pedro was deprived the long life he deserved. He changed how people think AND feel," Judd shared on Facebook last year. "We can honor him by continuing to listen, to learn, and to grow."

Relive Pedro and Sean exchanging vows in the clip below, and share your favorite "Real World: San Francisco" memories in the comments.