Laugh Riots: Meet The Comical Cast Of MTV's 'Ladylike'

Plus, see the upcoming show's brand-new trailer

The unsuspecting public isn't gonna know what hit ‘em when these ladies hit the streets to break down social barriers with their supreme form of not-so-ladylike sass.

Premiering June 9, the new hidden-camera prank series Ladylike redefines Aunt Edna's favorite term and pranks everyone from the cast members' friends to complete strangers.

Get to know these lady gems (plus one dude) -- led by Girl Code comedian Nicole Byer -- and decide which one is most worthy of BFF status:

Nicole Byer


This hilarious MTV darling is an actress and writer who has appeared on NBC's 30 Rock and Netflix's Lady Dynamite; she's cohosting Fox's new Saturday night sketch comedy series, Party Over There, produced by The Lonely Island and, of course, Girl Code. We love her, and if you don't yet, you will.

Anna-Lee Wright


Hailing from Columbia, South Carolina, Anna-Lee is a master of musical theater, specializing in everything from opera tunes to dance. When she's not teaching or performing, the artist-at-heart enjoys pole dancing (get your minds outta the gutter), playing guitar, and solving the ol' Rubik's Cube.

Blair Socci


This NYC-based comedian graduated from UCLA with a BA in English and has written for a number of pop-culture websites. When Blair isn't writing or performing at comedy clubs, she can be found watching Vanderpump Rules or filming her fun web series, Prism Horizons, with her bestie Farah.

Matteo Lane


You might recognize Matteo from Girl Code (or Guy Code, for that matter). Before stand-up, the Chicago-born comedian lived in Italy as an oil painter and opera singer — but no, he didn't know Anna-Lee Wright.

Megan Gailey


Megan recently left the safe Midwestern town of Indianapolis for NYC, where she performs at top comedy clubs opening for the likes of Amy Schumer and Brad Garrett. Recently a guest on Conan, the comedian is a master at makeup application and is on the hunt for a rich husband (you know, just in case).

Shannon Coffey


This Girl Code regular left Puerto Rico to pursue comedy in NYC, rising through the ranks of YouTube fame in the meantime. A writer for Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and host of VH1's Top 20 Countdown, Shannon studied improv and sketch comedy at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre and really, really enjoys talking to the mic.

Jade Catta-Preta


Born in Brazil, this bi-coastal actress and comedian has appeared on Girl Code (shocker!) and can be spotted regularly on VH1. Jade often performs all over the country and has been called "ethically ambiguous" by many and a "confident dancer" by a select few.

Peep the trailer below and really get to know these ladies during the Ladylike series premiere Thursday, June 9 at 10:30/9:30c!

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