Quaid Talks Of Rock And Shoelessness At 'In Good Company' Premiere

Film involves a character who is demoted and replaced by a much younger executive.

HOLLYWOOD -- In his latest film, "In Good Company," Dennis Quaid's age works against him when his character is demoted and a much younger executive (Topher Grace) is brought in as his boss. But at Monday night's premiere, Grace explained how in real life Quaid's age actually works in his favor. "He is, like, twice my age," says Grace, "But he is also twice as sexy."

On the red carpet, Quaid said one of the many perks of the film was becoming friends with his fellow cast members Marg Helgenberger (who plays his wife), Scarlett Johansson (who plays his daughter) and Grace. "They all came to my birthday party, and Topher came up to Montana [where Quaid owns a ranch] this summer and we bonded." Another perk was being able to have the premiere at the legendary Grauman's Chinese Theatre. "I have never had a premiere here," said Quaid. "This is something else. This place is really a piece of history. It's fantastic."

Quaid also spoke about his other profession -- as lead singer of his band, the Sharks -- and explained why he often performs without shoes. "It makes me feel like I am in my living room." But his main focus for the night was his new film, which he describes as "a movie about ordinary people in ordinary situations."

His co-star, Helgenberger, elaborated on the plot. "It deals with themes everyone can relate to, like corporate merging, downsizing and ageism. It explores the complexities of human beings and how people really do try to work things out," she said. In order to be in the film, Helgenberger had to work her shooting schedule around her role as Catherine Willows on the CBS drama "CSI." "It was a little bit complicated but it was really great to be a part of this movie," she said. "It has wonderful actors, a wonderful writer/director, Paul Weitz, and a beautiful script."

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