Louis Tomlinson Becomes A Proper Rock Star Again In Stylish 'Kill My Mind' Video

And teases his next song and video at the end

Last week, Louis Tomlinson dropped a new single called "Kill My Mind" that found him rediscovering his talents for fizzy pop-rock and leaning all the way in. There's a reason his voice anchors the chorus of One Direction's "No Control," a song he co-wrote, after all.

On Friday (September 13), Louis delivered a stylish accompanying video for the song, one that finds him taking his rightful place fronting a live band. Remember when he performed "Back to You" with Bebe Rexha and Digital Farm Animals back in 2017? It was fine, but Louis looked like he'd rather be hanging on a mic stand in a dark nightclub with guitarists flanking him on either side. "Kill My Mind" finally makes it happen.

There's a loose plot here involving a man on a motorcycle and a woman in the front row, but the real focal point here is Louis, bathed in red light onstage, looking his he's having the time of his life. On social media promoting the vid, which was directed by Charlie Lightening, he confirmed he did. "Proper enjoyed filming this," Louis wrote. "Thanks to all the fans who came down too."

Much like the song, which ends in a fadeout, the video feels incomplete, teasing another song and visual featuring Louis and the couple with some distorted guitar chords. We'll have to wait and see what's next. "Kill My Mind" is our second official taste of his upcoming solo debut album after "Two of Us," a sweet tribute to his late mother.

Watch Louis Tomlinson's energetic new video for "Kill My Mind" above.

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