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These 9 Celebrities Love Their Rescue Cats And Now You Will Too

Happy International Cat Day!

Today is International Cat Day, and of course that means we should all spend some quality time looking at photos of adorable feline friends.

Established in 2002 by the International Fund for Animal Welfare, International Cat Day aims to celebrate the world's most popular pet and encourage adoption for those thinking about bringing a furry pal into their life.

In honor of the internet's favorite critter, here are nine celebs who have welcomed adorable rescue cats into their lives.

Clare Bowen

The "Nashville" star rescued her buddy Lumiere from Nashville Cat Rescue, and the two make a perfect pair.

Ed Sheeran

The UK singer is lucky enough to have made friends with Taylor Swift's cats, but he's also adopted his own kitten named Graham.

Billy Corgan

The Smashing Pumpkins frontman is an outspoken advocate for animal rights, and he recently welcomed two new kittens into his home, Angelface and Diamond Baby.

Ian Somerhalder

Together with Nikki Reed, the "Vampire Diaries" star adopted a fluffy rescue kitty named Sohalia.

Jason Mraz



The "I'm Yours" singer adopted Prancer from the San Diego Humane Society in 2014.

Florence Welch

Battersea Cats and Dogs Home


The singer's calico Missus kept her company while she finished Florence + The Machine's last album.

Whoopi Goldberg

In 2011, one lucky kitten named Vinny was rescued by actress Whoopi Goldberg after being thrown off a bridge.

Lea Michele

The "Glee" star loves relaxing on weekends with her tortie Sheila.

Chris Colfer

And her co-star Chris looks great posing with his feline companion Brian.