Robert Pattinson On Surviving Childhood Fame: 'Get In Therapy'

The unofficial R-Patz guide to surviving childhood fame.

By Shaunna Murphy

Robert Pattinson has some... concerns... when it comes to today's child stars.

The former "Twilight" hunk told Vanity Fair that Benjie -- the bratty, drug-addled teen star at the center of his new film, "Maps to the Stars" -- hit a little too close to home.

"I think Benjie is probably the truest character," Pattinson said during an interview at the Cannes Film Festival. "I've met a lot of kids like him... when you see these kids, there is only one way: you either get in therapy now or become a serial killer, or kill yourself. I mean, you can see it really early on -- it’s terrifying."

Terrifying is definitely one way to put it. But before you decide to beef up your home security in case Bella Thorne comes to town, know that Pattinson thinks there's another way -- apparently, taking a few years off after "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire" made a huge difference when it came to dealing with the pressures of "Twilight"-level fame.

"I did 'Harry Potter' when I was like 17, and nothing really happened after that," Pattinson continued. "I mean, I made loads of money compared to anyone my age -- it was incredible. But I mean, then I just did little TV things afterwards. But I got to live from 18 to 21, you get your own apartment and basically I didn’t star in 'Twilight' until 21. It’s different because you’re still young, but you’ve had a life beforehand. Where as if you are 10, it’s a totally different thing."

It's great that Pattinson was able to live a normal life before his life-sized cardboard cut-out hit stores, but his advice might be too little too late for some of your current faves. Just don't think for a second that R-Patz was singling out Justin Bieber -- the actor was quick to point out that, despite what you may have heard from the likes of Seth Rogen, the Biebs is actually a pretty okay guy.

"I've met him before, though, on his party bus," Pattinson said with a laugh. "I’ve met him a couple of times. He’s all right."

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