9 5SOS Fans Who Got 'Sounds Good Feels Good' Tattoos Before The Album Even Came Out

Plus, two superfans tell us the amazing stories behind their ink.

Gianna Toro and Coran-Lucie Stafford are two young girls who live 3,000 miles apart — Giana in Woburn, Mass., and Coran-Lucie in Leeds, England. But they’re united by a permanent, infinite bond: they’re both dedicated 5 Seconds of Summer fans who credit the band with giving them happiness and hope when they couldn’t find it anywhere else.

This Friday (Oct. 23), 5SOS are releasing their highly-anticipated sophomore album, Sounds Good Feels Good. And even though fans like Gianna and Coran-Lucie haven’t gotten to hear it yet, they’ve already inked their bodies with SGFG-inspired tattoos that prove just how deeply their appreciation for 5SOS runs.

“I'm in love with this band and they mean the world to me,” Gianna, 16, told MTV News. “They actually saved my life. I was in such a bad place when I first found out about their music but they'd given me a reason to be happy, so I decided a tattoo was a good way to express how much I appreciate and love them.”

In September, Gianna got a lyric from the band’s SGFG song “Jet Black Heart” inked in cursive script on the back of her right shoulder. She says it’s a poignant reminder to move on from mistakes she’s made in the past.

“I heard ‘Jet Black Heart’ and the lyrics "the blood in my veins is made up of mistakes" really stuck out to me because I feel like it describes a big portion of my life,” she said. “I know that I'm still young, but I have been through a lot of stuff and made a lot of mistakes. I knew right away that these words would stick with me forever. This tattoo is kind of me accepting myself for who I am, even with the mistakes that I've made.”

Coran-Lucie, 20, has been a 5SOS fan for two and a half years. She has six other non-5SOS related tattoos, but she says the one she got in August as a tribute to the band is her favorite.

“I decided to get the tattoo because I suffer from anxiety and depression and self-harm,” she shared with MTV News. “Last year was the worst time of my life. I lost someone that was like a second mom to me and I was being bullied at work. I was close to ending my life.”

What helped Coran-Lucie through that rough time, she said, was 5SOS’ music.

“I listened to 5SOS every day when I felt low and had dark thoughts,” she said. “I made up scenarios, like me and Michael were going to play on the PS4, or I’m going to meet them. Just little scenarios to keep me fighting. I also kept replaying their Keek and Instagram videos to snap me out of the dark thoughts. I basically got the tattoo to say thank you to them because without them I wouldn't be here. I’m also coming up to seven months self-harm-free because of them. Without knowing it, they have saved me and made me realize that life is worth living. For that, I’m eternally grateful!”

To memorialize the guys’ meaning to her, Coran-Lucie opted for a tattoo combining different 5SOS influences. On her forearm, she got the band’s signature heart-eyed skull and tally mark. Above it are the words “The New Broken Scene,” and below it are “But We’re Alright Though,” both of which are lines from the band’s first SGFG single, “She’s Kinda Hot.”

“I knew I wanted the tally marks and the skull design quite a while before I had the tattoo — I love that they represent the band,” she said. “I was torn between their lyrics, [but] when 'She's Kinda Hot' was released and Ashton said what 'the new broken scene' was about, I knew right there and then that it was perfect and I had to have it as part of my tattoo design.

“The tattoo means the world to me and it makes me smile and proud knowing that I am still here fighting and staying strong because of 5SOS,” she continued. “To me it’s not just a ‘band tattoo,’ it’s a symbol that I am strong because of them.”

And Gianna and Coran-Lucie aren’t alone; there are plenty of other 5SOS fans who have gotten SGFG-inspired ink long before the album’s release. Check out these beautiful examples:

A human heart with “Jet Black Heart” lyrics on top of it.

The "She's Kinda Hot" lyric "you’ve got a shot though."

The band's safety pin heart, symbolizing the "New Broken Scene."

More “Jet Black Heart” lyrics.

The safety pin heart and tally symbols.

"New Broken Scene" in delicate cursive.

And the "She's Kinda Hot" reminder, "We’re alright though."

Tattoo haters tend to throw out the word “regret” when discussing why they’d never ink themselves, but for fans like Gianna, Coran-Lucie and all the 5SOS devotees above, it’s clear these words and symbols mean the world to them.

“The thing that people don't understand is they're not just a band,” Gianna said. “They’ve created something where kids like me are able to feel happy and feel like we belong somewhere.”

Sounds good, feels good, looks good.