Here's Why The 'Fifty Shades' Sequel Might Be Tied Up For A While

And now we're all in the red room of pain.

Are you already penciling the "Fifty Shades of Grey" sequel into your Valentine's Day plans for next year? Well, good thing you didn't put that in ink, because a new report makes it seem like the "Fifty Shades Darker" won't hit theaters … for another two years.



I know, Christian. I know.

Variety reports that "Fifty Shades" author E.L. James, who has more creative control over the movie adaptations of her books than other authors due to her contract, wants to write the script for the upcoming sequel. According to the report, Universal was reluctant to give the screenwriting gig to James, who has never written a film before, but the two sides are currently discussing the possible move.

The article adds that director Sam Taylor-Johnson and writer Kelly Marcel are not expected to return for the sequel. It's not confirmed, but if true, not a complete shock, given reports of friction between Taylor-Johnson and James throughout the making of "Fifty Shades of Grey."

From Variety: "Because of this uncertainty, production on 'Fifty Shades Darker' likely won't get under way until the first quarter of 2016. That would mean the sequel wouldn’t arrive until late 2016 or the first quarter of 2017. Without a shooting script or start date, having the movie ready for next year’s Valentine’s Day is highly unlikely."

Cue sad piano.



The behind-the-scenes drama is frustrating for "Fifty Shades" fans, and potentially even more so from Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson. Variety notes that because of the production uncertainty, Dornan and Johnson have been unable to lock themselves into certain other projects — an especially difficult prospect, considering they're both very much in-demand after the huge "Fifty Shades" box-office numbers.



"Laters... baby," said Christian, looking out his penthouse window at rain-soaked Seattle, a single tear dripping down his cheek.




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