Years In The Making: These Were The Longest 'Catfish' Relationships

Fishy online romances have no limits on duration.

Catfish has taught us (among many things) that shady online relationships can go on for any duration -- whether it is months or years. But the latter period of time applied to tonight's installment -- and love hopeful Ray could not get over the fact that his online crush Lexi (who was actually Marlayna) could maintain a fake persona for so long.

"I gave you four years of my time," the 18-year-old angrily exclaimed when he finally learned the truth about the person behind the faux Internet profile.

While Marlayna ultimately apologized for deceiving Ray after a candid sit-down with her longtime digital companion, plus Nev and Max, she is hardly the first guy or gal from the long-running series to keep up the act for, you know, a while. In honor of this episode, take a look back at the lengthiest Catfish relationships, and be sure to keep catching brand-new episodes on Wednesdays at 10/9c!

Kim and Matt

The Season 1 fan favorites communicated for a decade in cyber-land -- but Kim needed to come face-to-face with her crush before making a solid commitment. A catch-up special taped back in 2013 revealed that the two were with other people, and there were no hard feelings between them.

Lauren and Derek

Sparks were flying when the Season 2 subjects finally met after communicating for eight years -- and the sweethearts became the show's first success story. But, ultimately, they were not meant to be: The duo got engaged in fall 2013 but split in May 2014.

Ashley and Mike

For seven years, both of them were using phony photos (she altered hers to make herself look thinner, while he used images of an entirely different man). But lies aside, Ashley and Mike forged a special connection and remained close until his death at the age of 26 in October 2013.

Nick and Melissa

Seven years before Nick contacted the super sleuths to help facilitate an in-person get-together, Tila Tequila had brought them together (they got to talking after finding themselves in a chatroom dedicated to the erstwhile MTV star). While they stayed platonic (her sorta live-in boyfriend Olin could have been to blame), Nick and Melissa walked away from the unique televised situation as friends.

Solana and Elijah


Ahhh, a MySpace romance (five years in the making). Though the duo (with perfect 'dos) seemed to share a mutual attraction and even got matching tattoos, the hairdresser disclosed during a catch-up that she had married Danny, her beau back home.

Whitney and Bre

The very first Nev and Max con aside (translation: they knew each other IRL and Whitney pretended she didn't know Bre's identity), the ladies first got to talking on a dating site four years prior.

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