Young Thug's Really Dropping 'Carter 6': Genius Or Disrespectful?

Will this album be 'infinite flame emojis' or a disaster?

If your jaw hit the floor when Young Thug posted the artwork for his Carter 6 album on Instagram Tuesday night (Apr. 7), along with an April 17, release date, then you weren't alone.

The Atlanta rapper has been hinting at this for awhile now, but no one thought he would actually consider releasing the project before Lil Wayne managed to pry Tha Carter V out of Birdman's grip. Apparently he's moving full steam ahead, though.

Last year Thugga told MTV News that he was planning to drop “Carter VI to X,” when Wayne was done with his series. "It depends on what he names his album," he said at the time. "He did I to V, I’m gonna do six to 10."

But Wayne clearly isn't done. In fact, he seems to be so heartbroken about C5 being stalled, that he's promising The Free Weezy Album soon, after dropping Sorry 4 The Wait 2 in in January, where he vented hard about his problems with Birdman and Cash Money Records.

In March, we still thought Young Thug was just trolling us when he previewed two new tracks and tagged them #Carter6, but now it's real.

Complex and his label, 300, confirmed that this artwork is the official album cover -- and, apparently he made the photographer get naked during the shoot, too -- but how do the people feel?

And also, are we calling this Carter 6, or Carter Six? Confusion.

When Thugga originally announced plans to drop the album, a few people were into it immediately...

But some of them, not so much...

And when he released the Carter 6 cover art, some people got more excited...

But some people were (understandably) even more upset

Some of them even came up with solutions for retaliation

Where do you stand? Are you looking forward to Young Thug's Carter 6 album?

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